Miotiq offers full interoperability with NB-IoT networks of mobile operators. NB-IoT sensors can send data to different NB-IoT networks in America or Europe and your application will receive them via one standard REST API set.

Seven main features of Miotiq

  1. UDP to TCP/IP conversion – improved security and REST API access
  2. Data routing to different endpoints – almost unlimited connections availability
  3. One device connection management over different NB-IoT/LTE-M networks
  4. Downlink acknowledgement – allows connection improvement almost to TCP/IP level
  5. Dedicated service channel – easy device setup or device firmware update
  6. Connection templates to IoT Hubs – e.g. AWS, Google, Azure IoT, Oracle, Thingspeak…
  7. Optional Parsing functionality – data from the device might be available to any database

Making NB-IoT easy

NB-IoT isn’t as easy to handle as other - especially TCP/IP based - technologies. There’s one easy end – the device where you define the datagram frame and the other easy end – the application which works with data from the device. In the middle, there are NB-IoT networks. The backend interfaces of mobile operators are different and you need to adjust your interconnection individually. The modern applications usually communicate via an API, but NB-IoT (to be able to achieve excellent durability on battery) is using UDP for communication between the device and the network – so there is a good need for UDP to TCP conversion.

To save data in your payload, it would be great to use identification of the device as a platform service, not as paid bytes in the payload. Also some features which you would appreciate – simple and efficient end device connection management, usage alerts, multilayer billing with tariffs online change possibility or data encryption and backup – are not available with all NB-IoT mobile networks now.

Smart solution

Miotiq is connected to the operator’s backends, your application is sending and retrieving data via secure REST API and benefits from simple management front end or manages everything again via defined REST API set. For testing purposes and small end devices numbers Miotiq as a SaaS is the best choice. If your solution exceeds few hundreds or thousands users (sensors), you might be interesting in your on premise installation – both options are supported.

The integration Pier is built by the team of experts with experience from financial industry. The logic of handling millions of financial operations (fast and secure) is implemented in Miotiq design. The solution benefits from more than 5 years’ experience with LowPower WAN networks and 3 years’ experience with NB-IoT network services.

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